I have taken babies' first photographs, and sadly, a loved one's last. These thoughts weigh on me with every click of my camera shutter. How incredible it is to have the ability to freeze time so that others may cherish a moment again and again. How important, to know where and when to be and how to capture that moment. What an honor, to step into a strangers life and stand beside them for one of their life's greatest moments.

What a privilege it will be to  be there for you too. 

Your memories matter.

This is the idea that I have built my entire business on and why this is so much more than a job to me. It's SO much more than just nice pictures for nice people. These are moments of love, authenticity, the capturing of someone's essence  forever preserved for years to come. 

For me, taking a photograph is the ability to immortalize the feeling of holding a loved one and never wanting to let go.

the Victoria V Experience

The magical process

Or....maybe a video call! Whatever you are comfortable with during these CRAZY times.

The first step we will take is  a meet and greet.

Your wedding photographer is the ONE person who is with you ALL day on one of the BIGGEST days of your life, it's important to me that we establish a personal connection :).

Hey friend,
let's take a coffee

The Creative Process


YES. We met, we fell in love, and now you are ready to lock in your date. 

You'll pay your retainer, sign your contract, and then the planning begins!

Get Booked!


First up, the engagement session.

Personally, this is my FAVORITE part of the process. You and your beloved will get all dolled up and we just have a GOOD. TIME.
Cheesy jokes + laughter included.

Images are delivered in a timely fashion and will be ready to shine  on your save-the-dates, social media, and wherever else you want to showcase your love!

let's have fun!


At this point you have A LOT on your plate. While you are planning and preparing for the big day, I will quietly be waiting on the sidelines,  but always at your disposal for anything you need.

One month out from your big day, I will send you a questionnaire with everything I need to know. The intention will be to have all of our details planned out no later than 2 weeks out from your day. 
So 2 weeks out from your wedding day, you will have one less thing to worry about :)



A day you will never forget.
Your love and the people who celebrated with you all forever frozen in time.  Moments you will be able to look back and relive for years to come.

And then....we keep the love going. 
From your engagement session to your first family session, I'll be available ;)


Every package includes as many retouched photos as I can give you, a personal online gallery, & a digital download of all of your final retouched images.

Starts AT $4000

For the dreamers who have a love of travel and a passion to make things happen.

Includes your preferred wedding package,  scouting day & travel.


Starts at $3,000

This is your day, and I am honored to be your guest.

Minimum of 6 hours.
200 miles of travel included.


Starts at $750

Short. Sweet. Simple.
This is for you, your closest friends and family, officient, 
and lil 'ol me. 

Minimum of 1.5 hours with 15 people or less.
200 miles of travel included.


send a note

Looking for something else?

Shoot me a message and we can hash out the details. I love  shaking things up!

Special Events

Starts at $500



Starts at $750


For someone you love or for yourself, you deserve to look and feel like a QUEEN.


Every package includes as many retouched photos as I can give you, a personal online gallery, & a digital download of all of your final retouched images.

the packages

Every package i offer includes a person online gallery with a digital download of all of your retouched photos. Some packages may also include physical prints and albums, but we can talk about that more in-person!

How will I receive my photos?

All contracts can have  things added to them, but not subtracted. 
I.e. You can add more hours, a second shooter, a wedding album, etc. However, you cannot remove any of these items once the retainer is paid and contract is signed. 


As stated above,  we do require non-refundable retainers HOWEVER we have made flexible arrangements in our contract to accommodate for changes made due to the effects of COVID-19. 
We are doing our best to make sure our clients are well taken care of.  Further and specific details are provided in our contract and, of course, a sample copy of our contract can be given upon request at our initial meeting.

How are you handling covid-19?

To officially lock in your date, we require a non-refundable retainer of 25% of your total package price + a signed contract. We, of course, have made arrangements to accommodate changes due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

Do you require a retainer?

Once you have secured a venue and official date, it's time to book.
If the first thing you did was reach out to secure your wedding venue, you might have been surprised how far in advance bookings can be. Don't wait. 


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